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From the Quinn Security Series: Untitled (m/m) Wes, who was introduced in Saying I Do, will get a story of his own. He will pair with Robert from Saying I Do as well. My gut is saying it will have a mystery angle, and that it will be intense and angst-filled, based on who these guys are telling me they are. COMPLETION DATE UPDATE: I am continuing to work on Wes and Robert’s story as much as I am able. At this time (early February 2016) it’s looking like it will take me until the end of May or early June to complete this book. If I’m able to get it done faster, I’ll let you know here. Thank you for your patience.

-- Cameron


From the Hawkins Ranch Series: Ty Boone (Duke and Risaís adopted son) and Max Stuart (female deputy) Untitled (male/female) This story will also feature Corey, as well as a young man not yet introduced in the series. But it wonít be a foursome story. Thatís all I can say for now.


Note: I have not begun writing these stories, and do not have contracts for them. I just wanted to share my thoughts, plans, and hopes for a few characters that played supporting roles in previous books.

There are many more books I plan to write in each series, in addition to the ones mentioned above. I just don’t have them listed. It would take too long. Know that I plan to eventually tell stories for Tex (M/M, Hawkins Ranch), Ruby and Gabriel (M/F Hawkins Ranch), Riley (M/M Quinn Security), Declan (M/M Quinn Security), and Magnus and Royce (M/M Raven Island) just to name a few. There are lots more I haven’t listed here or above, but that I eventually plan to tackle, for as long as I am able to keep writing and there’s someone out there who wants to publish my books. Thanks!

-- Cameron


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